What is the right time to learn computer programming?

This is a very common question that I saw in quora repeatedly. The answer to this question really makes any programmer curious to know about programming time.

The right time to learn programming is now. Yes, you can start learning to program at any age, anytime you want and master a programming language. Earlier you start more you learn. Programming is such a field where you should always learning new skills in order to get updated with new technologies.

Before start learning programming:

Before you start learning to program. I recommend you to start with basic questions. Such as

  • What is programming?
  • What is a programming language? Types of programming languages.
  • How do programming languages work?
  • How to implement a programming language to create useful software?


This list will not end when you start exploring computer programming.

After your basic concepts about programming were clear. Then you should start learning a programming language.

What programming language you should learn?

You should take such a programming language that you really want to learn. You should start learning such a programming language which is easy to learn such as python, javascript, PHP etc.

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