How to active the Santali keyboard in Android Phones?

You found many apps in the google play store which offers you to write texts in Santali language. But after reading this blog you can write texts without installing any apps from google play store.

Note: Make sure you use google preinstalled keyboard in your android phone and active it.

Follow these steps below

Step 1: First go to your settings.

Step 2: Search for Additional settings in the listed menus and click on it.

Step 3: Go to Languages & input

Step 4: Go to Manage keyboards.

Step 5: Now go to Settings.

Step 6: Go to Languages.

Step 7: Go to add a keyboard.

Step 8: Search for Santali language in the listed menus and choose the right one.

Step 9: You got two options. Click to select a keyboard type.

Step 10: I recommended choosing this one for a pure ol chiki script.

Step 11: Now open your keyboard and long press to the space key.

Step 12: Click to Santali to activate the keyboard.

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