How to install XAMPP Server on Windows 10

I know that you already know about XAMPP. But if you don’t, here is a quick and simple introduction to the XAMPP server.

XAMPP is used to create a local server environment on your Windows Computer. XAMMP stands for (X) Cross-platform, (A) Apache, (M) MySQL, (P) PHP, (P) Perl. It comes with some additional modules which include phpmyadmin, Tomcat, FileZilla, and Mercury. It is a free and open-source tool used by web designers and web developers.

Steps To Install XAMPP On Windows 10

By following these steps you can easily install XAMPP on your Windows machine. Let’s get the start with this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Download XAMPP

To download XAMPP, go to this link https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html and Click ‘Download‘.

Apache Friends Website

Step 2: Install Xampp by run the downloaded file

1. In order to start your installation process, you have to run the installer. After that, you have to cross some popup windows. After you run the installer a warning window pops up, You just have to click ‘Yes‘.

2. Now you are redirected to XAMPP Setup Wizard. Click ‘Next‘.

3. After that, a component window will open. Here you can select the component which you want to use. By default, they are all selected. You can unselect any component by clicking on the check box. After selecting the component, click on ‘Next’.

4. Now next window will be open where you can select your installation folder. After selecting the folder, click on ‘Next

5. Now another window will open. Here you can see the other bitnami services. Click on ‘Next’.

6. Now your installation begins. It takes some time to install.

7. After installation is completed Click on ‘Finish‘.

Step 3: Run XAMPP Control Panel

1. Now you need to select your language and ‘Save‘ it.

2. Now your XAMPP Control Panel is launched. You can now start any module by clicking the ‘Start‘ button.

Congratulations your installation process is complete. If there is any kind of question and error is occur please inform me in the comment box.

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