Best android apps for Santali in 2020

These are some of the best Android apps that I searched for you, it will help you in day-to-day life. I took my time and research to find this best Android application which would definitely make your day. I also include there download link which would help you to download it from the play store.

Image by Prayad Kosasaeng from Pixabay

List of best santali apps of 2020:


Tumdah is a free online santali music player Android application. You can browse and listen to any santali song on this application. It was published on 14th November 2017 by Sagun Text Org. It provides you Stylish UI Design, Powerful equalizer, Quick search audio functionality. You can easily search any song by name, artist, album, and folder.

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It is also a santali music player application but you also play songs offline. You can play music in the background. It is developed and published by Tudu Rusikaa.

Download link:

Khobor Kagoj

Khobor kagoj is a santali newspaper application. It provides you santali newspaper on a daily basis. The newspapers are written in the ol chiki script. It is published by on Google play store.

Download link:

Multilang Dictionary Glosbe

It is a multi-language dictionary application. In this application, you can easily search any santali word and translate it in Hindi or English. You can also translate any English and Hindi words into the Santali language i.e Santali to English, English to Santali, Santali to Hindi, Hindi to Santali. You can also try different languages all over the world.

Download link:


Gboard is a keyboard application by Google which supports the ol chiki script. It was released on 26th January 2015 by Google LLC developer. Now Gboard supports almost all majors and minors languages. It supports Santhali Language (ol chiki). Gboard takes a very small space on the screen and is very light.

If you want to config your Gboard Application for the santali keyboard click here.

Download link:

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Learn Ol Chiki

This app is newly uploaded on 26 January 2020 by Droid Mardi. Here in this app, you can able to learn ol chiki frequently. In this app, you can read and listen to ol chiki pronunciation.

Download link:

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