5 reasons why we should learn computer programming?

Computer programming is very interesting to learn. Everyone should learn how to program even they do not belong to a computer science background.

Computer programming is the way to communicate with machines and computers.

Nowadays we all are surrounded by various technologies. Did you ever imagine how this device functioning? They are functioning according to the computer programs which have been written and stored in their memory. Your mobile phones, music players, televisions, the internet, computers, modern refrigerators, ACs, ATMs, etc. They all are well programmed using computers.

So here are #5 points which tell us why we should learn computer programming.

1. Increase your creativity

Computer programming increases your creative thinking and problem-solving skills. You can make anything you can imagine through programming – you can make video games, amazing graphics, various software, and robots.

Problems in programming are complex but the way to reach the answer is very amazing and enjoyable. You have to think differently to solve a problem which increases your problem-solving skills.

2. You can make your own software and website

After you learn computer programming and know how to write a computer program than you can able to make your own software and websites like a school management system for your school, you can able to make your own school and business websites, etc.

You can also make large software like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. Even you can make your home appliances controlled through your voice as Jarvis does in Avenger’s movie.

3. Programming gives you a carrier and job

Demands for computer programmers increases day by day. So if you want to make a carrier in computer programming than it’s a better option for you. The salary of a computer programmer is also very high. The national average salary for a Computer Programmer is ₹5,02,710 in India. 

source: daxx.com

4. Earn from your home

You can also make it your hobby and earn money from home. Many people learn to program for their part-time income by doing freelance work from home. There are also many good platforms are available on the internet. Such as Freelancer, Upwork, Truelancer, etc.

5. Understand how the software works

You can start understanding how the software works. You can able to understand how your phone, computers, facebook, Instagram and various software works. After learning computer programming you know how internet functioning, you can protect yourself from hackers.

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